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The Global realm was founded on the belief that the truth needs to be told. The belief that light needs to be shone on the world's media to reveal the propaganda that has shaped public attitudes for too long.

My name is Adam Wright, and I am the founder of the Global Realm. Originally involved in the gambling industry, I worked in various casinos across the US before becoming a freelance writer, focusing predominantly on gambling predictions and betting apps niches. I had always been fascinated with global politics and the manner in which governments have perpetuated disadvantage for millions of people across the world for years and years. Around a year ago, I began to write my own political pieces and opinion articles. Collecting lots of political material, I started to produce writing that aimed to directly address the continued existence of propaganda and media censorship in the 21st century. Then I met my team. The team of writers here at Global Realm write the stories that they are passionate about. They are committed to revealing the truth, and each of their core values and principles are in line with and strengthened my own inclusive ethos. I respect each and every one of them.

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The world that we live in is premised upon the capitalist belief that for an individual to succeed others must be disadvantaged. This inequitable division of power permeates society and is maintained by the corrupt politicians and ruling class. Those at the very top of society who ultimately aim to protect and maintain their own dominant position in society. We believe that this is sustained as a result of political propaganda and media bias. Here at Global Realm, we believe in social inclusion and justice. We dream of a fully inclusive society that recognises that disadvantage is a direct result of the external and structural barriers in society. We believe in the full participation of all global citizens, regardless of gender, ability, neurodiversity, ethnicity, age or any other marker of social difference. And we believe that as global citizens we are fully responsible for addressing violations of people’s human rights, violations that have resulted in millions of humans around the world living in brutal and oppressive conditions.

I, Adam Wright, and the Global Realm team promise to be committed to always telling you the truth. You can bet on us. After all, knowledge is power.

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